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Atomic Spectrometry Methodology Laboratory

Research field

  • Development and optimization of novel analytical procedures by means of atomic and molecular spectrometric methods for the analysis of samples with complex matrices;
  • Analytical characterization of different materials with respect to their use as sorbents for water purification;
  • Determination of essential and toxic element contents in plant materials and other natural products aiming their analytical characterization, as well as evaluation of their nutrition value, safety and environmental impact;
  • Phytoextraction of rhenium from soils and water. Development of fast and environmental-friendly methods for Re-extraction from plants and their application for Re-analysis and Re- Express-tests for visual colorimetric determination of rhenium in plant- and environmental samples;
  • Determination of trace elements in industrial products, environmental samples (air, water, siols), geological materials, and samples of biological origin by means of modern instrumental methods of analysis;
  • Development of “green” analytical chemistry by means of environmental-friendly methods.

Selected publications

  1. Jürgen Hassler, Ralf Matschat, Silke Richter, Peter Barth, Albena Detcheva, Hans-Jorg Waarlo,
    „Determination of 22 trace elements in high-purity copper including Se and Te by ETV-ICP OES using SF6, NF3, CF4 and H2 as chemical modifiers“
    Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, 31 (3) (2016) 642-657
    ISI IF2016: 3.379 –  Q1
  2. Tsvetan Vassilev, Ivan Penkov, Christina Tzvetkova, Radost Pascova
    “Glass transition temperatures and structures of multicomponent borate glasses: Influence of modifier cation field strengths”
    Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 438 (2016) 1-6
    ISI IF2016: 2.124  –  Q1
  3. Stoyko Gyurov, Nikolay Marinkov, Yoanna Kostova, Diana Rabadjieva, Daniela Kovacheva, Christina Tzvetkova, Galia Gentscheva, Ivan Penkov 
    “Technological scheme for copper slag processing”
    International Journal of Mineral Processing, 158 (2017) 1–7
    ISI IF2017: 2.255 –  Q1
  4.  Nikolay Marinkov, Maya Markova-Velichkova, Stoyko Gyurov, Yoanna Kostova, Ivanka Spassova, Diana Rabadjieva, Daniela Kovacheva, Ivan Penkov, Christina Tzvetkova, Galia Gentscheva
    “Preparation and characterization of silicagel from silicate solution obtained by autoclave treatment of copper slag”
    Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology, 87 (2) (2018) 331-339
    ISI IF2018: 1.745 –  Q2
  5. Albena Detcheva, Jürgen Hassler, Lidia Ivanova, Caroline Hommel, Thomas Vogt
    “ETV-ICP-OES determination of essential, non-essential and toxic elements in seven Bulgarian herbs”
    Comptes Rendus de L’Academie Bulgare des Sciences, 72 (4) (2019) 464-471
    ISI IF2017: 0.270 –  Q2
  6. Lidia Ivanova, Albena Detcheva, Paunka Vassileva
    Characterization of two Bulgarian herbs for use as biosorbents for copper(II)
    Analytical Letters, 52, 17, 2019, 2650-2662
    ISI IF2018: 1.206 –  Q3

International collaboration

  • Technische Universitaet Bergakademie Freiberg, Institut für analytische Chemie, Freiberg, Germany.


Albena Detcheva-Tchakarova

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      Galia Gentscheva

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        Lidia Ivanova


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