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Catalytic microreactor system with mass spectrometer

Contact person:

Assoc. Prof. Stanislava Andonova
e-mail: s.andonova@svr.igic.bas.bg
tel. +359 2 979 2556
+359 2 979 2573

CATLAB- Hyden Analytical, UK

The integrated CATLAB Microreactor-Mass Spectrometer module system, manufactured by Hiden Analytical, offers a wide range of capabilities to investigate different catalytic processes, from a rapid scanning to fully automated precision studies of the catalytic activity process on various solid surfaces. The system enables determination of catalytic activity and selectivity in gas phase reactions with carrier gas Ar (He) (in the temperature range 40-1000° C) and mass-spectrometric analysis of the reagents and products.

The system consists of three modules: (i) temperature and gas flow control unit; (ii) a thermostatic microreactor unit where the sample for the analysis is charged; (iii) a QGA gas analyzer (mass spectrometer) for analyzing incoming and outgoing gas streams and (iv) a computer with the corresponding software that manages the system and records the results obtained. The integrated mass spectrometry system provides quantitative analysis of adsorption/desorption processes.

CATLAB can also be used for temperature-programmed methods of analysis, including:

– Thermo-programmed reduction
– Thermo-programmed oxidation
– Thermo-programmed desorption
– Opportunity for impulse chemisorption analysis.

The results of adsorption and desorption studies in dynamic conditions on the surface of the various solid materials give a clear idea of the effectiveness of the samples developed as adsorbents/catalysts in the investigated process. The working and maximum adsorption capacity, the time of depletion of the working adsorption capacity and the maximum desorption temperature required to regenerate the adsorbent can be determined from the tests.