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High-resolution transmission electron microscope

Contact person:

Assis. prof. Pavel Markov

e-mail: pvlmarkov@svr.igic.bas.bg
tel. +359 2 979 25 63


Transmission electron microscopy is a local method for investigation of structure, morphology, phase composition, defects such as dislocations and others. Because of its high resolution is suitable for profound research on the structure of different materials. The high-resolution images (HRTEM) mode, allows capturing the atomic structure of the sample. By selected area electron diffraction mode (SAED), the crystal structure and the type of substance in a given area of the sample is determined. ТЕМ HR STEM JEOL JEM 2100 is equipped with GATAN Orius 832 SC1000 CCD Camera for digital image capture.

ТЕМ HR STEM JEOL JEM 2100 characteristics are: acceleration voltage 200 kV, maximum resolution 0.23 nm between two points and 0.14 nm in cell, maximum magnification up to 1.5 million times conventional and 2 million times in scanning mode with 5 basic regimes of operation – light and dark field microscopy, diffraction from a selected and nano-sized area, and diffraction in a focused beam.

Application: determination of structure, phase composition and surface morphology of thin layers, volumetric and fibrous materials, powder samples, etc.