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Infrared Spectrometer

Contact person:

Assoc. prof. Dr. Kristina Chakarova

e-mail: kristina@svr.igic.bas.bg
tel. +359 2 979 25 56
+359 2 979 25 73

Thermo Scientific: Nicolet Avatar 360, Nicolet iS5 и Nicolet 6700 (MCT detector)

Infrared spectroscopy provides information on the vibrational frequency of atoms in the molecules of different substances. By the number and positions of the IR bands can be judged on the composition and structure of the substances (qualitative analysis), while the intensities of the spectral bands characterizing different chemical bonds give information about the quantitative composition. The possibilities of qualitative and quantitative analysis, as well as the use of in-situ experiments, allow investigations on the mechanism and kinetics of the reactions.

Various solid samples (oxides, zeolites, metal-organic frameworks (MOF), glasses) can be tested in the form of thin
pellets (at standard dilution in KBr matrix or in self-supporting pellets containing pure substance). The spectrometer is equipped with a specially designed cell, directly connected to a vacuum-adsorption apparatus, which allows investigation of interactions running on the surface of adsorbents and catalysts in controlled atmosphere and temperature conditions.