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Materials and Processes in Environmental Protection

Field of scientific interest

The efforts of the researchers at Laboratory for Materials and Processes in Environmental Protection are focused on the development of new types of catalysts for application in catalytic reactions for environmental protection as complete oxidation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs, including methane), NOx reduction and CO oxidation.

The systematic investigations are directed to experimental evaluation and mathematical modeling of reaction kinetics for further implementation of the experimental techniques in development of structured catalysts, based on different substrates as Al-containing stainless steel, anodized aluminum, ceramics etc.

The scientific background at the laboratory includes synthesis of nanosized and nanostructured materials, based on supported metal or metal oxides with an optimal effectiveness in abatement of VOCs and nitrogen oxides in waste gases, preparation of mineral and carbon sorbents for elimination of green house gases, investigation of textural and surface characteristics of different materials.

The studies are also directed to the utilization of waste materials from food and perfumery industries, heat generating plants and others as a renewable resource by processing it into valuable products used for environmental protection. More specifically, the subjects are concentrated in three main areas: screening of efficient sorbents for removal of metal ions, dyes and pigments from wastewaters, optimization of process parameters and clarification of the mechanism of sorption.

Selected Publications

1) R. Velinova, R, S. Todorova, S, B. Drenchev, , G. Ivanov, M. Shipochka, P. Markov, D. Nihtianova, D. Kovacheva, A.V. Larin, A. Naydenov,
Complex study of the activity, stability and sulfur resistance of Pd/La2O3 -CeO2 -Al2O3 system as monolithic catalyst for abatement of methane,
Chemical Engineering Journal, Volume 368, 2019, 865-876, IF 6.74, Q1

2) I. Spassova, N. Stoeva, R. Nickolov, G. Atanasova, M. Khristova,
Impact of carbon on the surface and activity of silica-carbon supported copper catalysts for reduction of nitrogen oxides,
Applied Surface Science 369, 2016, 120–129, ISI IF:4.439, Q1

3) P. Vassileva (Novachka), A. Detcheva, S. Uzunova, I. Uzunov, D.Voykova,
Equilibrium and kinetic studies on the removal of some metal ions using biogenic amorphous silica.
(2016) Separation Science and Technology, 51 (5), pp. 797-806, IF 1.2, Q3

4) B. Ivanov, I. Spassova, M. Milanova, G. Tyuliev, M. Khristova,
Effect of the addition of rare earths on the activity of alumina supported copper cobaltite in CO oxidation, CH4 oxidation and NO decomposition,
J. Rare Earths. 33, 2015, 382-390. ISI IF:2.524, Q2

5) P. Stefanov, S. Todorova, A. Naydenov, B. Tzaneva, H. Kolev, G. Atanasova, D. Stoyanova, Y. Karakirova, K. Aleksieva,
On the development of active and stable Pd-Co/γ-Al2O3 catalyst for complete oxidation of methane,
Chemical Engineering Journal, 266, 2015, 329-338, IF 5.2, Q1


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