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Multi-Channel Galvanic Cycling Apparatus

Contact person:

Assoc. Prof. Delyana Manasieva

e-mail: manasieva@svr.igic.bas.bg
tel. +359 2 979 39 04

Arbin Instrument System LBT-20084

Multichannel galvanic cycling equipment: testing of electrode materials for rechargeable ion batteries with electrochemical cells type El-Cell and Swagelok.

  1. Function

The multi-channel electrochemical test system is used to test lithium-ion, sodium-ion and hybrid batteries. Arbin LBT-20084 has 8 channels that work independently of each other, allowing testing of several “model batteries" simultaneously. Each channel can be charged and/or discharged. Model batteries can be attached to the system using cables with different tips (crocodile clips, test probes, etc.), depending on the design of the electrochemical cells.

  1. Opportunities

The equipment allows simultaneously cycling of 8 electrochemical cells. Each test channel works independently of the others, allowing different tests to be run in galvanostatic or potentiostatic mode. The test can be performed at high, medium and low currents of the order of 200 to 1 mA and a voltage of ± 5V.