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Powder X-ray diffractometry


Powder X-Ray diffractometer- XRD


Collection of Powder diffraction patterns and software processing, X-Ray phase analysis. Analysis of morphological parameters of the phases presented in the sample, Determination of the crystal structure of phases in polycrystalline materials

Prices without VAT:

  • Collection of powder diffraction pattern  – 40 lv.
  • Phase identification (up to two phases) – 20 lv.
  • Phase identification of every additional phase above two (per phase) – 10 lv.
  • Quantitative phase analysis (Rietveld quantification) – 240 lv.
  • Crystallite size and strain determination,determination of degree of
    crystalinity – 100 lv.
  • Refinement of the unit cell parameters (per phase) – 200 lv
  • Detemination of the mean thickness of polycrystalline film -100 lv.
  • Indexing  of powder diffraction pattern – 200 lv.
  • Processing of powder diffraction patterns (background removal, Ka2 striping etc.) – Negotiable
  • Crystal structure determination from powder diffraction data -Negotiable

Contact person

Prof. PhD Daniela Kovacheva

e-mail: didka@svr.igic.bas.bg
tel. +359 2 979 2587