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X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer

Contact person:

assist. prof., PhD Alexander Tsanev

email: tsanew@abv.bg

tel. +359 2 979 25 54

AXIS Supra (Kratos Analytical LTd.)

Ultrahigh-vacuum apparatus AXIS Supra (Kratos Analytical LTd.) with an X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) equipment is used to analyze concentrations and valence states of the atoms forming the surface layers of the solids. This method is non-destructive and is a widely used technique for surface analysis of thin films, catalysts, semiconductors, dielectrics, sensors, etc.

It is equipped with monochromatic AlKα and AgLα X-ray sources with photons energy of 1486.6 eV and 2984.3 eV, respectively; achromatic AlKα and MgKα X-ray sources with corresponding photon energies of 1486.6 eV and 1253.6 eV; a system for neutralizing the surface charge; a ion gun for cleaning the surfaces by ion bombardment (with Ar+ ions). There are possibilities for depth profiling of the samples (up to about 100 nm) and for analysis at different angles to the surface.

The obtained spectral data for the surface electron structure of the studied materials are processed by the company's computer program ESCApe (Kratos Analitycal Ltd.). With its help, atomic concentrations are computed and deconvolution of complex spectra on individual components (according to their valence states) can be performed.