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X-ray powder diffractometer

Contact person:

Prof.  Daniela Kovacheva

e-mail: didka@svr.igic.bas.bg
tel. +359 2 979 2587

Bruker D8 Advance с LynxEye детектор на фирма Bruker

D8 ADVANCE allows to carry out a wide range of analyses ranging from routine qualitative and quantitative phase analysis, through the determination of crystallite size and microstrains to crystal structure determination. Analyses may be performed on polycrystalline powder and sintered samples of inorganic and organic compounds, including metals, alloys, ceramics, composites, polycrystalline thin films, etc.

Its features include a 3KW generator, a 2.4KW ceramic x-ray tube with Cu-anode. The goniometer is vertical θ/θ. The system includes a set of optical components of the primary and secondary beams, and a system of rotation of the sample. The X-ray diffraction pattern is recorded using a linear LynxEye solid-state detector enabling fast and high-quality recording of the diffraction pattern. The DIFFRACplus and Topas software packages together with the data base ICDD PDF-2 (2014) are used for data analysis.