contract Китай KП-06-КИТАЙ/8

Electrode Materials Based on Transition Metal Compounds for Lithium Ion Battery - Acronym: TRANSBAT

Scientific goal of the project: To synthesize new lithium-manganese sulfates and study lithium ions’ intercalation reactions in structural matrices by combining experimental techniques and theoretical research approaches.

Collaborative project objective: To create a lasting collaboration with colleagues from the People’s Republic of China, leading to new future good research and training practices.

The specific goals of the project are:

  • Development of a new method of „soft“ chemistry for obtaining lithium-manganese sulfates with a desired structure and morphology with the ability to intercalate various metal ions;
  • Preparation of composites between sulfate salt and carbon additives as electrode materials;
  • Electrochemical characterization of the newly obtained compounds and study of the mechanism of intercalation of lithium ions in their structures by the use of different non-aqueous lithium electrolytes;
  • Acquisition of new knowledge in the lithium intercalation chemistry of sulfate compounds.