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Albena Bachvarova – Nedelcheva

Assoc. Prof., PhD

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Scientific interests:

  • Non – traditional oxide glasses with the participation of SeO2, TeO2, MoO3, ZnO – glassformation, structural characterization, thermal stability, optical properties;
  • Sol – gel synthesis of amorphous and polycrystalline samples containing TiO2, TeO2, SeO2, ZnO, B2O3, structural and optical characterization;
  • Antibacterial and photocatalytic properties of composite powders obtained by sol-gel method;

Selected papers:

  1. A. Bachvarova-Nedelcheva, R. Iordanova, Sv. Ganev, Y. Dimitriev,
    Glass formation and structural studies of glasses  in the TeO2-Bi2O3-Nb2O5-ZnO system”,
    J. Non – Cryst. Sol., 503-504 (2019) 224-231.     
  2. A. Bachvarova-Nedelcheva, R. Iordanova, K.L. Kostov,
    Synthesis, structure and properties of silver containing tellurite glasses
    Mater. Res. Express, 6(12) (2019) pp. 125202.
  3. A. Bachvarova-Nedelcheva, R. Iordanova, K. L. Kostov & V. Ganev, St. Yordanov, Y. Dimitriev,
    Synthesis and structural characterization of a silver selenite molybdate glass,
    J. Non – Cryst. Sol., 481 (2018) pp. 138-147.
  4. R. Iordanova, A. Bachvarova-Nedelcheva, R. Gegova, Y. Dimitriev,
    Sol-gel synthesis of composite powders in the TiO2-TeO2-SeO2 system”,
    J. Sol-Gel Sci. Technol., 79 (1) (2016) pp. 12-28.
  5. R. Iordanova, R. Gegova, A. Bachvarova-Nedelcheva, Y. Dimitriev,
    Sol-gel synthesis of composites in the ternary TiO2-TeO2-B2O3 system”,
    Phys. Chem. Glasses: Eur. J. Glass Sci. Technol. B, 56 (4) (2015) 128 – 138: PROC. VIII CONF. ON BORATE GLASSES, CRYSTALS AND MELTS, Pardubice, Czech Republic, 2014.

Teaching experience:

Until 2019 – Scientific Advisor to 4 Masters and 3 PhD students

Professional carrier:

  1. 2000

    Master in Materials Technology and Materials Science, Chemical Engineer

    UCTM - Sofia
  2. 2005

    PhD in scientific specialty „Technology of silicates, binding materials and hard melted nonferrous materials

    UCTM – Sofia
  3. 2005


    IGIC - BAS
  4. 2010

    Chief assistant

  5. 2019

    Associate Professor


Specializations abroad:

  1. Portugal
    Department of glass and ceramics, University of Aveiro