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Aneliya Yordanova

Assist. Prof., PhD

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Scientific interests:

Synthesis and investigation of nanosized polycrystalline materials, glassceramic and high dense ceramics. Development of advanced methods for the synthesis. Optical investigations.  Luminescence properties. White light emitting diodes.

Selected papers:

  1. A. Yordanova, I. Koseva, N. Velichkova, D. Kovacheva, D. Rabadjieva, V. Nikolov,
    Nanosized pure and Cr doped Al2−xScx(WO4)3 solid solutions,
    Materials Research Bulletin 47 (6) (2012) 1544-1549
  2. A. Yordanova, I. Koseva, V. Nikolov,
    Sintering Conditions for Al2(WO4)3 High-Dense Ceramic
    Acta Physica Polonica A, 125 (2014) 567–570
  3. Aneliya S. Yordanova, Velin S. Nikolov, Iovka I. Koseva,
    Fabrication of high density ceramic from Al2-xInx(WO4)3 solid solutions,
    Journal of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, 50 (4) (2015) 537-542
  4. A. S. Yordanova, R. S. Iordanova, V. S. Nikolov, I. I. Koseva, P. T. Tzvetkov,
    Synthesis of nanosized pure and Cr doped Sc2–xInx(WO4)3 solid solutions
    Bulgarian Chemical Communications, Volume 49, Special Issue A (2017) 91–97
  5. A. Yordanova, R. Iordanova, I. Koseva, V. Nikolov, R. Kukeva,
    Spectroscopic investigations of nanosized Cr3+ doped Sc2−xInx(WO4)3: A new promising laser material,
    Luminescence, 33 (2018) 1185–1193

Professional carrier:

  1. 2009

    Master degree, Silicates materials

    University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy
  2. 2014

    PhD Solid-state chemistry

  3. 2015

    Assistant Professor


Specialisations abroad:

  1. Portugal
    University of Aveiro