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Daniela Kovacheva

Prof., PhD, Head of laboratory

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Scientific interests:

Synthesis and structural studies of inorganic materials and composites with interesting optical, mechanical, electrical, magnetic, sensing and catalytic properties.

▪ Development of non-classical methods for the production of materials with special interest in the methods of soft chemistry, synthesis by solution combustion and sonochemical synthesis.

▪ Detailed structural and morphological characterization of materials with special emphasis on X-ray diffraction methods, including qualitative and quantitative phase analysis, analysis of diffraction line broadening (crystallite size and micro-deformation) and refinement of crystal structures by the Rietveld method.

Selected papers:

  1. Lazarova, T., Kovacheva, D., Georgieva, M., Tzankov, D., Tyuliev, G., Spassova, I., Naydenov, A.,
    “Tunable nanosized spinel manganese ferrites synthesized by solution combustion method”
    (2019) Applied Surface Science, 496, art. no. 143571
  2. Lavi, O., Haik, O., Hirshberg, D., Talyosef, Y., Zinigard, E., Markovsky, B., Vestfrid, Y., Elias, Y., Aurbach, D., Kovacheva, D.
    ”Abnormal electrochemical behavior of rounded graphite”
    (2019) Carbon, 154, pp. 313-321.
  3. Velinova, R., Todorova, S., Drenchev, B., Ivanov, G., Shipochka, M., Markov, P., Nihtianova, D., Kovacheva, D., Larin, A.V., Naydenov, A.
    “Complex study of the activity, stability and sulfur resistance ofPd/La2O3-CeO2-Al2O3 system as monolithic catalyst for abatement of methane”, 
    (2019) Chemical Engineering Journal, 368, pp. 865-876.
  4. Georgieva, B., Kolev, S., Krezhov, K., Ghelev, C., Kovacheva, D., Vertruyen, B., Closset, R., Tran, L.M., Babij, M., Zaleski, A.J., Koutzarova, T.
    “Structural and magnetic characterization of Y-type hexaferrite powders prepared by sol-gel auto-combustion and sonochemistry”
    (2019) Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 477, pp. 131-135
  5. Tsoncheva, T., Tsyntsarski, B., Ivanova, R., Spassova, I., Kovacheva, D., Issa, G., Paneva, D., Karashanova, D., Dimitrov, M., Georgieva, B., Velinov, N., Mitov, I., Petrov, N.
    ”NixZn1-xFe2O4 modified activated carbons from industrial waste as catalysts for hydrogen production”
    (2019) Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 285, pp. 96-104

Teaching experience:

Course in Doctoral Program of the Educational Center – BAS „Inorganic Crystal Chemistry and X-ray Structural Analysis“, 2006, 2009, 2011,2014 (30 hours)

Professional carrier:

  1. 1983

    Master of Science in Physics

    Sofia University “St. Kl. Ohridsky”
  2. 1992

    Ph.D. in Solid State Chemistry

  3. 1999

    Assistant Professor in Solid State Chemistry

  4. 2012

    Professor of Solid State Chemistry


Specializations abroad:

  1. Italy
    International Center for Theoretical Physics
  2. France
    Institute Laue-Langevin

International cooperations:

  • Electrochemistry Group, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel
  • Institute of Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, St.St. Cyril and Methodius ”, Skopje