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Daniela Stoyanova

Assoc. Prof. PhD

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Scientific interests:

Synthesis of catalysts based on new carriers investigated for application in heterogeneous catalytic processes such as: reduction of NO with CO, NO + CO + O2, oxidation of CO and hydrocarbons, as well as study of the stability of catalyst compositions to catalytic poisons – SO2, H2O. Preparation photocatalysts on various substrates suitable for the decomposition of toxic waste gases. Interests in green chemistry for environmental protection.

Selected papers:

  1. N. Kassabova, D. Stoyanova, D. Vladov, D. Mehandjiev, D. Shishkov
    “Spent Pd catalyst – component for oxide catalysts, designed for CO oxidation and NO reduction”,
    Chemical Engineering Journal 120 (2006) 107-111.
  2. D. Stoyanova, R. Nikolov, M. Khristova, D. Paneva, D. Mehandjiev,
    ”Catalytic activity of Fe/AC, obtained by impregnation of actived carbon in aqueous and non-aqueous media, to neutralize NO”,
    Journal of Porous Materials 16 (2009) 1-7
  3. D. Stoyanova, P. Georgieva, N. Kasabova,
    “Pd-containing catalysts promoted by NiO designed for reduction of NO with CO at stoichiometric NO/CO ratio”,
    Reaction Kinetics Mechanisms and Catalysis 108 (2013) 391- 402
  4. D.Stoyanova, P. Georgieva, I. Avramova, K. Aleksieva, D. Marinova, D. Mehandjiev,
    “Nitric Oxide (Nо) Decomposition On Catalysts, Containing Oxides Of Lanthanum And Cerium, Supported On γ–Alumina”,
    Journal of rare earths 37 (2019) 151-159.
  5. D. Stoyanova, I. Stambolova, V. Blaskov, K. Zaharieva, I. Avramova, O. Dimitrov, S. Vassilev , A. Eliyas, N.Nedjalkov,
    “Mechanical milling of hydrothermally obtained CaTiO– morphology and photocatalytic activity”,
    Nano-Structures and Nano-Objects 18 (2019) 100301.

Professional career:

  1. 1993

    Chemical engineer Inorganic and electrochemical industries

    University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, Sofia
  2. 1992

    Second speciality, industrial ecology, environmental inspector

    University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy- Sofia
  3. 1996

    Chemist at a laboratory “Chemical problems of environmental protection“

  4. 2002

    PhD, speciality chemical kinetics and catalysis

  5. 2004

    Associated researcher speciality chemical kinetics and catalysis

  6. 2021

    Associate professor


International collaboration:

  • Institute of Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy, Department of Catalysis and Chemical Engineering, Serbia