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Dimitar Panayotov

Assoc. prof., PhD (retiree)

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Scientific interests:

  • Fundamental aspects of the surface chemistry of gases adsorbed on photo-, thermally, chemically and electronically excited semiconductor oxides and heterogeneous catalysts – noble metal nanoparticles loaded on oxides;
  • In particular, studies on the role of surface hydroxyl groups in physisorption, chemical transformation and electron-exchange processes; investigation of the processes of molecular and dissociative adsorption of gases, H-atom spillover and electron transfer on(to) metal/semiconductor systems; catalytic and photocatalytic (UV and Visible) degradation and mineralization of hazardous molecules, including simulants of CWA’s;
  • Application of molecular probe molecules to study the nature, state and role of active surface sites in the adsorption and catalytic conversion of gases; studies on the involvement of lattice oxygen in the formation of intermediate and full oxidation products of adsorbates. Investigation of the kinetics and mechanisms of catalytic processes under steady-state and transient conditions;
  • Application of adsorption and catalytic methods, methods of isotopic exchange, thermo-programmed desorption, thermo-programmed reduction, thermo-programmed reactions, Infrared spectroscopy, Mass-spectrometry and Gas chromatography to study adsorption, catalytic and photocatalytic processes. Non-ordinary application of IR spectroscopy to study the processes of charge carrier accumulation and transfer in semiconductor based catalyst systems.

Selected papers:

  1. Lagunov, O, Drenchev, N., Chakarova, K., Panayotov, D., Hadjiivanov, K.
    Isotopic Labelling in Vibrational Spectroscopy: A Technique to Decipher the Structure of Surface Species”,
    Topics in Catalysis 60 (2017) 19−20.
  2. Panayotov, D., Frenkel, A., Morris, J.
    Catalysis and Photocatalysis by Nanoscale Au/TiO2: Perspectives for Renewable Energy”,
    ACS Energy Letters 2 (2017) 1223−1231.
  3. Driscoll, D., Tang, W., Burrows, S., Panayotov, D., Neurock, M., McEntee, M., Morris, J.
    “Binding Sites, Geometry, and Energetics of Propene at Nanoparticulate Au/TiO2
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121 (2017) 1683−1689.
  4. Panayotov, D., Morris, J.
    Surface chemistry of Au/TiO2: Thermally and photolytically activated reactions”,
    Surface Science Reports 71 (2016) 77−271.
  5. Panayotov, D., Ivanova, E., Mihaylov, M., Chakarova, K., Spassov, T., Hadjiivanov, K.
    Hydrogen Spillover on Rh/TiO2: FTIR Study of Donated Electrons, Coadsorbed CO and H/D Exchange
    Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (2015) 20563-20573.

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