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Email: ivelina@svr.igic.bas.bg, ivmirgeo@gmail.com

Ivelina Georgieva

Prof. PhD, Head of Laboratory

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Scientific interests:

  • Molecular modeling of optical systems using ab initio, post ab initio, density functional theory and
    semiempirical methods. Quantum-chemical calculations of molecular characteristics (geometry, electron density) and simulation of photophysical properties of d- and f-metal complexes and organic chromophores. Theoretical study of processes of absorption, intersystem crossing, relaxation, radiative and non-radiative processes and mechanism of
    charge and energy transfer in photoexcited state. Implementation of Judd-Ofelt approach for calculations of energy transfer rates and luminescencence quantum yield of lanthanide systems.
  • Implementation of advanced theoretical approaches for structural and spectroscopic (UV-Vis, IR/Raman, NMR)
    characterization of metal-containing systems in solid phase and solution.
  • Theoretical study of physical, chemical and non-covalent cation-p interactions in sytems: 1) organic herbicides with
    minerals in the soil 2) complexes of metal cations with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). Application of new DFT-functional generation with dispersion correction. Role of the solvent on the structure and stability of the complexes.

Selected papers:

  1. S. Ahmad, I. Georgieva, M. Hanif, M. Monim-ul-Mehboob, S. Munir, A. Sohail, A.A. Isab,
    Periodic DFT modeling and vibrational analysis of silver(I) cyanide complexes of thioureas”,
    Journal of Molecular Modeling 25(4) 2019 art№ 90.
  2. I. Georgieva, N. Trendafilova, T. Zahariev, N. Danchova, S. Gutzov,
    Theoretical insight in highly luminescent properties of Eu(III) complex with phenanthroline”,
    Journal of Luminescence 202 (2018) 192-205.|
  3. I. Georgieva, N. Trendafilova, N. Dodoff, D. Kovacheva,
    DFT study of the molecular and crystal structure and vibrational analysis of cisplatin”,
    Spectrochimica Acta – Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, 176 (2017) 58-66.
  4. I. Georgieva, A. J. A. Aquino, F. Plasser, N. Trendafilova, A. Köhn and H. Lischka,
    Intramolecular Charge Transfer Excited State Processes in 4-(N,N-Dimethylamino) benzonitrile: The Role of Twisting and the π-π* State”,
    Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 119(24) (2015) 6232-6243.
  5. I. Georgieva, Tz. Mihaylov,  N. Trendafilova,
    Lanthanide and transition metal complexes of bioactive coumarins: Molecular modeling and spectroscopic studies,
    Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2014, 135, 100-112.
  6. I Georgieva,N. Trendafilova,A.J.A. Aquino, H. Lischka,
    Theoretical study of metal-ligand interaction in Sm(III), Eu(III) and Tb(III)) complexes of coumarin-3-carboxylic acid in the gas phase and solution.
    Inorganic Chemistry, 46, ACS, 2007, 10926-10936.

Professional carrier:

  1. 1989

    MSc in Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry

    Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”
  2. 1994

    MSc in Methods of Chemistry Teaching

    Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”
  3. 2001

    PhD in Inorganic Chemistry

  4. 2001

    Assistant Professor

  5. 2009

    Assoc. Professor in Theoretical Chemistry


Specializations abroad:

  1. Spain
    Autonoma University of Barcelona
  2. Austria
    Institute of Theoretical Chemistry
    University of Vienna
  3. Czech Republic
    Czech Academy of Sciences
  4. Austria
    Institute of Soil Research
    University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences
  5. China
    School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology
    University of Tianjin

International cooperation:

  • Institute for Theoretical Chemistry, University of Vienna, Austria
  • Centre of Applied Science for Health, Institute of Technology Tallaght, Dublin, Ireland
  • Institute of Soil Research, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria
  • Department of Chemistry, School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, Tianjin University, Tianjin; China
  • Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia
  • Equipe de Physico-Chimie des Matériaux Inorganiques, Université Ibn Tofail, Faculté des Sciences, Morocco