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Maria Shipochka

Assist. Prof., PhD

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Research areas

  • X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy on solid surfaces. Processing of XPS analyzes with ESCApe (Kratos Analitycal Ltd.), Casa XPS, Excel and Origin programs, determination of the quantitative and qualitative composition of chemical surfaces.
  • Photocatalytic decomposition of organic pollutants in nature by means of nanoscale thin films and powders.
  • Characterization of nanomodified coatings on metals based on transition and rare earth oxides.

Selected papers

  1. Stambolova, O. Dimitrov, S. Vassilev, St. Yordanov, V. Blaskov, N. Boshkov, M. Shipochka,
    Preparation of newly developed CeO2/ZrO2 multilayers: Effect of the treatment temperature on the structure and corrosion performance of stainless steel”,
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds 806, 2019, pp. 1357-1367
  2. Shipochka M., Eliyas A., Stambolova I., Blaskov V.,  Vassilev S., Simeonova S., Balashev K.,
    Synthesis of TiO2 on SnO2 bicomponent system and investigation of its structure and photocatalytic activity”,
    Materials Chemistry and Physics 220, 2018, pp. 249-259
  3. M. G. Shipochka, I. D. Stambolova, V. N. Blaskov, P. K. Stefanov,
    XPS investigation on the surface of ZnO photocatalytic films obtained by polymer modified spray pyrolysis”,
    Bulgarian Chemical Communications 45, Special Issue B, 2013, pp. 105-109
  4. I. Stambolova, V. Blaskov, M. Shipochka, S. Vassilev, V. Petkova, A. Loukanov,
    Simple way for preparation of ZnO films by surfactant mediated spray pyrolysis”,
    Materials Science and Engineering B Materials for Advanced Technology 177 (13), 2012, pp. 1029-1037

Professional experience:

  1. 2004

    M.Sc./engineer physicist/ in “Measurement Electronic”

    University of Sofia, Department of Physics
  2. 2004


  3. 2008


  4. 2017

    PhD, speciality in Solid State Chemistry

  5. 2019

    аssistant Profеssor


International cooperation

  1. Serbia
    Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts