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IGIC-BAS, Acad. G. Bonchev Str., Blg. 11, room 112

Contact Information

Call: +359 2 979 2541

Email: pnovachka@svr.igic.bas.bg

Paunka Novachka (Vassileva)

Assoc. Prof. PhD

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Scientific interests:

  • Synthesis and characterization of adsorbents (zeolites, hybrid materials, lignocellulosic materials, activated carbons, etc.).
  • Adsorption processes in gas and liquid phase.
  • Utilization of of waste materials
  • Phosphazenes.

Selected papers:

  1. L. Lakov, P. Vassileva, O. Peshev:
    Sorption of heavy metals on pyrazolone-containing carbon sorbents”,
    Carbon 37 (1999) 1655-1657.
  2. P. Vassileva, D. Voikova,
    Investigation on natural and pretreated Bulgarian clinoptilolite for ammonium ions removal from aqueous solutions”,
    Journal of Hazardous Materials 170 (2-3) (2009) 948-953.
  3. P. Vassileva, P. Tzvetkova, R. Nickolov,
    Removal of ammonium ions from aqueous solutions with coal-based activated carbons modified by oxidation”,
    Fuel 88 (2009) 387-390.
  4. P. Vassileva, A. Detcheva, S.Uzunova, I. Uzunov, D. Voykova,
    Equilibrium and kinetic studies on the removal of some metal ions using biogenic amorphous silica
    Separation Science and Technology (Philadelphia), 51 (5) (2016), 797-806.
  5. P. Vassileva, A. Detcheva T. Radoykova, I. Avramova, K. Aleksieva, S. Nenkova, I. Valchev,. D. Mehandjiev,
    Studies on Ag+ adsorption using two new lignocellulosic materials based on Populus alba L. and Robinia pseudoacacia L.”,
    Cellulose Chemistry and Technology 52 (7-8) (2018), 633-643

Professional experience:

  1. 1985

    Master's degree in Chemistry, Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry

    Sofia University "St. Cl. Ohridski ”
  2. 2000 –

    PhD Inorganic Chemistry

  3. 2001

    Research Associate, Lab. "Adsorbents and adsorption processes"

  4. 2005

    Assist. Prof., Lab. " Surfaces of Dispersed Materials"

  5. 2012

    Assoc. Prof. in Inorganic Chemistry, Lab. "Surfaces of Dispersed Materials"


Specializations abroad:

  1. Russia
    Institute Nesmeianov, Moscow