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Petia Georgieva


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Scientific interests:

In the field of catalysis: studies of heterogeneous catalytic processes such as: reduction of: NO, NO + CO, NO+CO+O2.

Selected papers

  1. D. Stoyanova, P. Georgieva, N. Kasabova,
    “Pd-containing catalysts promoted by NiO designed for reduction of NO with CO at stoichiometric NO/CO ratio”,
    Reaction Kinetics Mechanisms and Catalysis 108 (2013) 391- 402.
  2. D.Stoyanova, P. Georgieva, I. Avramova, K. Aleksieva, D. Marinova, D. Mehandjiev,
    “Nitric Oxide (Nо) Decomposition On Catalysts, Containing Oxides Of Lanthanum And Cerium, Supported On  γ- Alumina”,
    Journal of rare earths 37 (2019) 151-159.

Professional experience:

  1. 1999

    Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering, speciality "Technology of inorganic substances"

    UHTM, Sofia
  2. 2007

    Chemist in a laboratory “Chemical problems of environmental protection“


International collaboration:

  • Institute of Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy, Department of Catalysis and Chemical Engineering, Serbia