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IGIC – BAS, “Acad. Georgi Bonchev” str., bld. 11, lab. 323

Contact Information

Call: (+ 359) 2 979 39 04

Email: tanya_jb@svr.igic.bas.bg, tanya_kortenska@abv.bg

Tanya Boyadzhieva

Assist. Prof. Dr.

Scientific interests

  • Synthesis of phosphate compounds as cathode materials for lithium- and sodium-ion batteries. Investigation of the electrochemical properties of phosphate compounds: a) intercalation/ deintercalation of lithium and sodium ions into/ from phosphate structure; b) a potential window; c) speed of electrochemical reactions; d) influence on the type of electrolyte; е) influence on the type of separator; f) influence on the type of anode.
  • Study of the impact of various chemical products on human health in: production, transportation and use. Preparation of the appraisal for precautions, which must to comply from worker to user.
  1. V. Koleva, T. Boyadzhieva, E. Zhecheva, D. Nihtianova, S. Simova, G. Tyuliev, R. Stoyanova
    Precursor-based methods for low-temperature synthesis of defectless NaMnPO4 with an olivine- and maricite-type structure”,
    Cryst Eng Comm. 15 (2013) 9080 – 9089.
  2. T. Boyadzhieva, V. Koleva, E. Zhecheva, D. Nihtianova, L. Mihaylov, R. Stoyanova
    Competitive lithium and sodium intercalation into sodium manganese phospho-olivine NaMnPO4 covered with carbon black”,
    RSC Advances 5 (2015) 87694–87705.
  3. L. Soserov, A. Stoyanova, T. Boyadzhieva, V. Koleva, M. Kalapsazova, R. Stoyanova
    Nickel-manganese structured and multiphase composites as electrodes for hybrid supercapacitors”,
    Electrochim. Acta 283 (2018) 1063-1071.
  4. L. Mihaylov, T. Boyadzhieva, R. Tomov, V. Kumar, V. Koleva, R. Stoyanova, T. Spassov,
    LiMnPO4-olivine deposited on a nanoporous alloy as an additive-free electrode for lithium ion batteries”,
    Dalton Trans. 48 (2019) 17037-17044.
  5. V. Koleva, T. Boyadzhieva, R. Stoyanova,
    Crystal and morphology design of dittmarite-type ammonium iron-manganese phosphates, NH4Mn1-xFexPO4.H2O, as precursors for phospho-olivine electrodes”,
    Crystal Growth & Design 19 (2019) 3744-3754.

Professional Experience

  1. 2002

    Bachelor of Ecology, „Ecology and Environmental Protection“

    UCTM – Sofia
  2. 2004

    Master of Chemistry, „Technology of Inorganic Substances“

    UCTM – Sofia
  3. 2017

    Ph.D. Inorganic chemistry

  4. 2019

    Assistant Profesor in Laboratory „Intermetallics and intercalation materials“, Inorganic chemistry


Specializations abroad:

  1. Belgium
    Liberty University of Brussel (V.U.B.)
  2. Italy
    ENEA – Cassaccia Centre