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Violeta Koleva

Prof. Dr.

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Scientific interests:

  • Preparative inorganic chemistry: development of innovative methods for synthesis of inorganic salts, oxides, solid solutions and composites;
  • Crystal chemistry of inorganic compounds;
  • Vibrational Spectroscopy (infrared and Raman spectroscopy): interpretation of vibrational spectra; factor group analysis; matrix spectroscopy; bonding interactions in solid state;
  • Synthesis, structure, spectroscopic and morphological characterization of polyanion intercalation materials as electrodes for lithium-ion and post lithium-ion batteries;
  • Thermal analysis.

Selected papers:

  1. V. Koleva, T. Boyadzieva, R. Stoyanova,
    Crystal and Morphology Design of Dittmarite-Type Ammonium Iron–Manganese Phosphates, NH4Mn1–xFexPO4·H2O, as Precursors for Phospho-olivine Electrodes,
    Crystal Growth and Design 19 (2019) 3744-3754.
  2. R. Stoyanova, V. Koleva, A. Stoyanova,
    Lithium versus Mono/Polyvalent Ion Intercalation: Hybrid Metal Ion Systems for Energy Storage”,
    The Chemical Record 19 (2019) 474-501.
  3. L. Mihaylov, T. Boyadzhieva, R. Tomov, V. Kumar, V. Koleva, R. Stoyanova, T. Spassov,
    LiMnPO4-olivine deposited on a nanoporous alloy as an additive-free electrode for lithium ion batteries”,
    Dalton Transactions 48 (2019) 17037-17044.
  4. T. Boyadzieva, V. Koleva, R. Stoyanova,
    Crystal chemistry of Mg substitution in NaMnPO4 olivine: concentration limit and cation distribution”,
    Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 (2017) 12730-12739.
  5. T. Boyadzhieva, V. Koleva, E. Zhecheva, D. Nihtianova, L. Mihaylov, R. Stoyanova,
    Competitive Lithium and Sodium Intercalation into Sodium Manganese Phospho-Olivine NaMnPO4 Covered with Carbon Black”,
    RSC Advances 5 (2015) 87694-87705.

Professional experience:

  1. 1984

    Master of Chemistry with specialization on inorganic and analytical chemistry

    Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”
  2. 1984

    Chemist in Lab. “Pure and extra pure inorganic compounds”

    Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”
  3. 1993

    PhD degree, specialty „Inorganic Chemistry“

    UCTM - Sofia
  4. 1994


  5. 1995


  6. 1997

    Assistant Professor

  7. 2007

    Associate Professor, specialty „Inorganic Chemistry“

  8. 2019

    Professor, specialty „Inorganic Chemistry“


Specializations abroad:

  1. Germany
    University of Siegen
  2. North Macedonia
    University “St. St. Cyril and Methodius”