contract Китай KП-06-КИТАЙ/8

Electrode Materials Based on Transition Metal Compounds for Lithium Ion Battery - Acronym: TRANSBAT

WP 01: Structural design of lithium-manganese sulfates with a tunnel structure

    Objectives: Preparation of specific lithium-manganese sulfates with desired structure and morphology.

    Activities: The syntheses of manganese and lithium sulfates are carried out by different methods from inorganic chemistry to obtain final products with the best properties. This will lead to the production of various lithium-manganese sulfates with the desired structure and morphology.

WP 02: Control of the morphology of intercalation compounds and composite materials through structural, spectroscopic, and morphological analysis

    Objectives: (a) describing the structure of nanomaterials and determining their morphological features; (b) studying the vibrational behavior of individual structural elements in the obtained compounds.

    Activities:  Divided according to research methods:

    WP02.A1. Diffraction methods: Combined use of X-ray structural analysis and defined area electron diffraction, high-resolution TEM.

   WP02.A2. Morphological characterization: Both starting and final products are investigated by scanning electron microscopy combined with energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy and transmission electron microscopy to determine the particle distribution at the micro level.

    WP02.A3. Spectroscopic methods: Аpplying of vibrational spectroscopy (IR and Raman) to analyze the behavior of individual polyanionic units, EPR to study the local structure and determine the degree of oxidation of the transition metal ions in the intercalation compounds.

WP 03: Electrochemical characterization of intercalation compounds and composite materials and post-mortem analyzes

    Objectives:  To investigate the mutual intercalation of different Li+, Na+, and Mg2+ ions in full and half-cells using different non-aqueous electrolytes.

    Activities:  Measurement of charge-discharge curves in galvanostatic mode. The activities are varied in terms of combining the type and composition of the electrolyte and the combination of the positive and negative electrodes.

WP 04: Combining composite anode and cathode materials in full electrochemical cells

    Objectives: (a) to investigate the intercalation process in full electrochemical cells; b) to investigate the vibrational behavior of the starting and final products by Raman spectroscopy at different temperatures.

    Activities:   Measurement of charge-discharge curves in galvanostatic mode. Vibrational characterization by Raman spectroscopy.

    WP04.A1.: Measurement of charge-discharge curves in galvanostatic mode when combining different electrolytes and combining composite materials as positive and negative electrodes.

     WP04.A2.: Measurement of Raman spectra at room and liquid nitrogen temperatures.

WP 05: Project management

    Objectives: (a) management and control of the implementation of all project activities; (b) implementation of administrative and financial coordination of the project; (c) creating a successful continuation of cooperation with colleagues from the PRC after the completion of the contract.

    Activities:  Organization of workshops and overall work on the scientific, administrative, and financial implementation of the project and development of the project logo.