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Konstantin Hadjiivanov


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Scientific interests

Adsorption, catalysis,
surface chemistry, vibrational spectroscopy, porous materials

Selected papers

  1. K.Hadjiivanov,
    Identification and Characterization of Surface Hydroxyl Groups by Infrared Spectroscopy„,
    Advances in Catalysis, 57 (2014) 99-318.
  2. K. Hadjiivanov and G. Vayssilov,
    CO as a Probe Molecule in the Characterization of Oxide Surfaces and Zeolites„,
    Advances in Catalysis, 47 (2002) 307-511.
  3. K. Hadjiivanov,
    Identification of Neutral and Charged Surface NOx Species by IR spectroscopy“ 
    Catalysis Reviews. – Science and Engineering, 42 (2000) 71-144.
  4. K. Chakarova, I. Strauss, M. Mihaylov, N. Drenchev and K. Hadjiivanov,
    Evolution of Acid and Basic Sites in UiO-66 and UiO-66-NH2 Metal-Organic Frameworks: FTIR Study by Probe Molecules“,
    Microporous Mesoporous Materials, 281 (2019) 110-122.
  5. M. Mihaylov, K. Chakarova, S. Andonova, N. Drenchev, E. Ivanova, A. Sabetghadam, B. Seoane, J. Gascon, F.Kapteijn and K. Hadjiivanov,
    Adsorption Forms of CO2 on MIL-53(Al) and NH2-MIL-53(Al) as Revealed by FTIR Spectroscopy„,
    Journal of Physical Chemistry, Part C, 120 (2016) 23584-23595.

Professional experience:

  1. 1984

    assistant professor

  2. 1990


  3. 1990

    associate professor

  4. 2001

    doctor of sciences

  5. 2002


  6. 2012

    corresponding member


Specializations abroad:

  1. Russia
    Institute of Catalysis
  2. France
    University “P. et M. Curie”
  3. Germany
    LM University

International cooperation

  • K. Hadjiivanov has collaborated with many scientists from different countries: A. Davydov (Russia); G. Busca, (Italy); H. Knözinger, (Germany); M. Che, J.-C. Lavalley, M. Daturi and S. Dzwigaj (France); M. Centeno (Spain); B.M. Reddy and S. Kannan (India); F. Kapteijn (The Netherlands), B. Gates (USA), etc.