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Salt Systems And Natural Resources

Scientific topics

The activities of the Laboratory “SALT SYSTEMS AND NATURAL RESOURCES" (SSNR) at IGIC – BAS are focused on fundamental and applied research in the fields of inorganic material science and preservation and utilization of natural resources.

  • Inorganic material science

The research in this field is targeted in two directions:

– chemistry of water-salt systems;

– synthesis and characterization of calcium phosphate biomaterials.

Chemistry of water-salt systems. Theoretical and experimental studies are carried out on the processes of dissolution and crystallization in water-salt two-, three- and multicomponent systems. Crystallization and co-crystallization processes of simple and double salts, as well as of mixed crystals are being investigated. The kinetics of the processes is studied. Stable and metastable phase equilibria are thermodynamically modeled. The regularities between the composition and structure of the solutions and the structure and type of crystallizing solids are established. Interactions taking place in systems under changing conditions are predicted and clarified.

Synthesis and characterization of calcium phosphate biomaterials. Studies on the synthesis and characterization of biomedical materials, including nano- and modified calcium-phosphate composites, are being carried out. Modern instrumental and computational methods are applied to the investigation of the relationship composition-structure-property. Technologies for the production of biomaterials (mainly for dental medicine) with modified chemical and improved physical characteristics and biological activity are being developed.

  • Preservation and utilization of natural resources

The research is focused on two directions:

– environmental studies;

– sustainable use.

Environmental studies aim at evaluating, predicting and improving the ecological status of industrially polluted natural waters, soils and vegetation by applying various analytical methods and thermodynamic models. Field and laboratory studies are being conducted to determine the degree of contamination, mobility and phytoaccumulation of transition metals. Various thermodynamic models (ionic association model, ionic interaction model and Stockholm- Humic model) are being applied to determine the inorganic and organic chemical species and dynamics of transition metals in the water – soil – soil extract – vegetation ecosystem.

Sustainable use. Natural mineral raw materials are being used to develop alternative biologically active materials containing biogenic trace elements and their compounds that affect the nervous, antioxidant and immune systems or regulate the mineral dysbalance in the body. Priority use is made of the mineral resources of the Black Sea. Product technologies for medical cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry are being developed. Small-scale production is organized.

Selected articles

1) Rabadjieva, A. Kovacheva, S. Tepavitcharova, M. Dassenakis, S. Karavoltsos
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Scientific Collaboration

  • Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Charles University, Czech Republic
  • Institute of Inorganic Chemistry of the ASCR, Czech Republic
  • Department of Chemistry, Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece


Diana Rabadjieva

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      Kostadinka Sezanova

      Assist. Prof., PhD

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        Antonina Kovacheva

        Assist. Prof.

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          Stoyan Kamburov

          Chemist, PhD

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            Radost Ilieva

            chemical Engineer

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              Rumijana Gergulova


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                                Scientific projects

                                Chemical species of trace metals, their behavior in polluted natural waters and soils and impact on the ecosystem plants – small mammals – endoparasites. Experimental study and thermodynamic modeling (GEOBIOCHEM)

                                Program National Scientific Fund
                                Coordinator Assoc. Prof. D. Rabadjieva
                                Partner organizations IEMPAM-BAS
                                Period 2017 - 2020

                                Chemistry of water-salt systems for the recovery of natural mineral resources and waste products, in particular marine chemical resources

                                Program: Self-financing
                                Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. S. Tepavitcharova
                                Period : 2001 – 2020

                                National research program "Environmental protection and reduction of adverse events and natural disasters’ risks"

                                Program Ministry of Education and Science
                                Lieder of the team from IGIC-BAS Assoc. Prof. Dr. D. Rabadjieva

                                Period 2018 – 2023

                                Study on the relationship synthesis - structure - interphase transitions - mechanical properties- biological properties of calcium phosphate composite biomaterials with applications in bone surgery and dental medicine- DFNI Т 02-5/12.12.2014

                                Program National Scientific Fund
                                Coordinator Assoc. Prof. D. Rabadjieva
                                Partner organizations IEMPAM-BAS
                                Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, Sofia University
                                Faculty of Dental Medicine, Medical University-Sofia
                                Period 2014 – 2017

                                Biomaterials for bone implants - calcium-phosphate based ceramics, cements and hybrid materials DTK 02-70/17.12.2009

                                Program National Scientific Fund
                                Coordinator Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sл Tepavitcharova
                                Partner organizations
                                Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, Sofia University
                                Faculty of Dental Medicine, Medical University-Sofia
                                Period 2009 - 2014