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IGIC –BAS, "Acad. Georgi Bonchev" str. bld.11, room 506

Contact Information

Call: (+ 359) 2 979 25 63

Email: pvlmarkov@svr.igic.bas.bg, pvlmarkov@yahoo.com

Pavel Markov

Assist. Prof. Dr.


Scientific interests

Transmission Electron Microscopy , nanomaterials, electron diffraction , structural and morphological changes of electrode materials

Selected scientific publications

  1. González, J.R., Zhecheva, E., Stoyanova, R., Nihtianova, D., Markov, P., Chapuis, R.R., Alcántara, R., Nacimiento, F., Tirado, J.L., Ortiz, G.F.
    A fractal-like electrode based on double-wall nanotubes of anatase exhibiting improved electrochemical behaviour in both lithium and sodium batteries
    (2015) Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 17 (6), pp. 4687-4695
  2. Stanchovska, S., Markov, P., Tenchev, K., Stoyanova, R., Zhecheva, E., Naydenov, A.
    Preparation and characterization of palladium containing nickel–iron–cobalt perovskite catalysts for the complete oxidation of C1–C6 alkanes
    (2017) Reaction Kinetics, Mechanisms and Catalysis, 122 (2), pp. 931-942.
  3. Velinova, R., Todorova, S., Drenchev, B., Ivanov, G., Shipochka, M., Markov, P., Nihtianova, D., Kovacheva, D., Larin, A.V., Naydenov, A.
    Complex study of the activity, stability and sulfur resistance of Pd/La2O3CeO2Al2O3 system as monolithic catalyst for abatement of methane
    (2019) Chemical Engineering Journal, 368, pp. 865-876