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Sonya Harizanova

Assist. Prof. Dr.

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Scientific interests

  • Thermoelectric oxide materials: synthesis, structure and thermoelectric characteristics on oxides.
  • Perovskites materials based on cobalt: structure and design for modelling oxides properties.
  • Green methods of synthesis of oxides (soft chemistry).

Selected publications

  1. E. Zhecheva R. Stoyanova, L. Vassilev, V. Valchev, M. Khristov, S. Harizanova, „Thermoelectrical oxide material“, Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry – BAS, current patent 15.05.2018, Sofia, Bulgaria. Patent number issued 66676.
  2. S. Harizanova, E. Zhecheva, V. Valchev, M. Khristov, R. Stoyanova,
    Improving the Thermoelectric Efficiency of Co Based Ceramics“,
    Materials Today: Proceedings 2 (2015) 4256–4261.
  3. V. Vulchev, L. Vassilev, S. Harizanova, M. Khristov, E. Zhecheva, R. Stoyanova,
    Improving of the thermoelectric efficiency of LaCoO3 by double substitution with nickel and iron“,
    Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 116, 25 (2012) 13507-13515.
  4. S. Ivanova, A. Senyshyn, E. Zhecheva, K. Tenchev, R. Stoyanova, H. Fuess,
    Crystal structure, microstructure and reducibility of LaNixCo1-xO3 and LaFexCo1-xOperovskites (0<x£0.5)“,
    Journal of Solid State Chemistry 183 (2010) 940-950.
  5. S. Ivanova, A. Senyshyn, E. Zhecheva, K. Tenchev, V. Nikolov, R. Stoyanova, H. Fuess,
    Effect of the synthesis route on the microstructure and the reducibility of LaCoO3“,
    Journal of Alloys and Compaunds 480 (2009) 279–285.

Professional experience:

  1. 2003

    Bechlor, specialty „Technology of Materials and Materials Science" - specialization "Silicate materials"

    University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy – Sofia
  2. 2004

    Master, specialty "Silicate materials"

    University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy – Sofia
  3. 2005

    PhD student, Laboratory “Chemical Problems and Environmental Protection”

  4. 2008

    Chemist, Laboratory “Chemical Problems and Environmental Protection

  5. 2011

    PhD in „Inorganic chemistry“

  6. 2014

    Assist. Professor, PhD, Lab. “Intermetallics and intercalation materials”



  1. Portugal
    University of Aveiro, Materials and Ceramic Engineering,
  2. Germany
    University of Technology, Institute of Material Science, TEM, SEM analysis and powder neutron diffraction on cobalt based perovskites

International cooperation:

  • Institute des materiaux Jean Rouxel-Nantes, Nantes, France