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Venelin Enchev

Prof. Dr. (Associate Member)

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Scientific interests:

  • Prebiotic and
    evolution chemistry.
    Modelling of chemical reactions.   
  • Influence of
    the medium as a catalyst for chemical reactions. Proton transfer reactions.
  • Structure,
    photophysical and photochemical properties of coordination and organic compunds. Sunscreens. Molecular structure –
    activity relationship.   
  • History
    of science and scientific policy.    

Selected papers:

  1. V. Enchev, N. Markova,
    Tautomerism of inosine in water: Is it possible?”
    Journal of Physical Chemistry B 123 (2019) 622-630.   
  2. V. Enchev, N. Markova, M. Marinov, N. Stoyanov, M. Rogojerov,  A. Ugrinov, I. Wawer, D.M. Pisklak,
    2-Methylthio-imidazolins – a rare case of different tautomeric forms in solid state and in solution
    Structural Chemistry 28 (2017) 757-772.   
  3. V. Enchev, A. Y. Mehandzhiyski,
    Computational insight on the chalcone formation mechanism by the Claisen–Schmidt reaction“,
    International Journal of Quantum Chemistry 117 (2017) e25365.  
  4. V. Enchev, I. Angelov, V. Mantareva, N. Markova,
    2-Carbamido-1,3-indandione – a fluorescent molecular probe and sunscreen candidate”,
    Journal of Fluorescence 25(2015) 1601-1614.   
  5. V. Enchev, N. Markova, M. Stoyanova, P. Petrov, M. Rogozherov, N. Kuchukova, I. Timtcheva, V. Monev, S. Angelova, M. Spassova,
    Excited state proton transfer in 3,6-bis(4,5-dihydroxy-oxazo-2-yl)benzene-1,2-diol”,
    Chemical Physics Letters 563 (2013) 43-49.    

Scientific Societies

2014-               European Peptide Society 

1988-2017        Union of scientists of Bulgaria (USB); Secretary of Division
“Chemistry and Pharmacy” (1999-2016) 

2015-2016        President of Union of scientists of
Bulgaria.    World Association of Theoretical Oriented Chemists (WATOC)

Editorial Board Member of International Journal of Advances in Chemistry (2016-)

Member of Editorial Council and Editorial Board of journal Nauka (Science) (2006-2016)   

Referee Board Member of journal ARKIVOC (2008-)

Journal referee:

Journal of Physical Chemistry, Journal of Organic Chemistry, International Journal
of Quantum Chemistry
, Chemical Physics Letters, Chemical Physics, Journal of Molecular Structure, Spectroscopy Letters, Spectrochimica Acta, Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry, Journal of Photochemistry and
Journal of Molecular Modeling, Journal
of Biomolecular Structure & Dynamics
, Frontiers in Chemistry, Structural Chemistry, Journal of Computational Chemistry, Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modeling, Molecular Simulation,
Chemical Monthly, ARKIVOC, Acta
Crystallographica, Molecules, Oxidation
Communications, Inorganica Chimica Acta,
Asian Chemistry Letters, Mendeleev
Communications, Molbank, Journal of Computational Science and Engineering,
 Supramolecular Chemistry, The
Open NMR Journal,

Lecture courses: 

“Applied Quantum
Chemistry”, Shoumen
University (1995/96-97/98)

“Quantum Chemistry”, Shoumen University  (1993/94-94/95); Technology College, Razgrad (1993/94-94/95)    

“General Chemistry”, Technology College, Razgrad (1996/97)

“Inorganic Chemistry”, Technology College, Razgrad (1997/98-99/00)

“Colloid Chemistry”, Technology College, Razgrad (2000/01-04/05)

“Quantum Chemical
Methods”, Пловдивски унивеситет

“Structure of Matter”, Plovdiv University (2008/09

“QSAR-modeling”, Master’s Program, Ruse University – Branch Razgrad (2015)

“Quantum Chemical
Methods”, for
PhD students, Bulgarian
Academy of Sciences (2008-2010, 2019)


Biographical data are included in 26th Edition (2009) of Whos Who in the World.

Professional carrier:

  1. 1982-1985

    PhD student

    IOC – BAS
  2. 1985-1998

    Assistant Professor

    IOC – BAS
  3. 1998-2011

    Associate Professor

    IOC – BAS
  4. 2006

    Doctor of Science

    IOC – BAS
  5. 2011-2019


    IOC – BAS
  6. 1993-1998

    honored Assoc. Prof.

    Shumen University
  7. 1993-2005

    honored Assoc. Prof.

    Technology College – Razgrad
  8. 2008-2009

    honored Assoc. Prof.

    Plovdiv University
  9. 2015

    honored Professor

    Ruse University, Branch Razgrad
  10. 2019



International cooperation

  1. Macedonia
    Institute of Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences & Mathematics
    Skopje University
  2. Belgium
    Facultes Universitaire Notre Dame de la Paix, Namur