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Prof. V. Koleva

e-mail: vkoleva@svr.igic.bas.bg
tel.+359 2 979 35 66

Assoc. Prof. Diana Rabadjieva

e-mail: didiarab@svr.igic.bas.bg
tel. +359 2 979 35 54
+359 2 979 39 01


In IGIC – BAS there are two freeze dryers of the manufacturer Martin Christ: Lyophilizer Alfa-Crist 1-2 model from 1996 (upgraded in 2010).

The freeze dryer is an apparatus in which dehydration is performed at low pressure. Lyophilization is based on the principle of freezing the product and lowering the pressure so that the frozen water content sublimes directly from solid to gaseous state. The lyophilization process consists of four stages: pre-treatment, freezing, primary and secondary drying.

It is used for lyophilization mainly of liquid water-soluble samples. A maximum of four samples can be dried per charge, with a single sample amount of about 50-70 ml.

The freeze dryer is used in the field of materials science for drying under vacuum at temperatures down to -56 ° C.